I purchased your Vanilla Fudge Scrub a few weeks ago. I have really terrible skin with frequent eczema and lots of cracks around my nails in the winter weather. Although I was a bit sceptical when I purchased your scrub (because my skin breaks out with most products) I have been using it and my hands feel great. Sometimes when I dread doing yet another load of dishes, I look at your scrub beside my sink and promise myself a relaxing hand massage after the dishes - the little things moms do to make it through the day...Anyways, thank you for the great product.


My favourite is the vanilla fudge scrub -- its like eating a decadent dessert in the shower-but with way less calories and no guilt!


My favourite is definitely the Vanilla Fudge Scrub...just because of the great scent and how soft your skin feels afterward!


Vanilla Fudge! Nothing beats it!


I like the Vanilla Fudge scrub as that is where I need the most attention. It works well towards smoothing skin that takes alot of abuse.


I have so many favourites, but my most favourite is the vanilla fudge scrub.


I love the scrub! It's amazing!!!


Definitely Vanilla Fudge Scrub!!!!! Makes me and my bathroom smell soooooooo yummy.


I have to say, if I had to take only one thing to a deserted island...it would have to be the toasted coconut body scrub. My skin felt so smooth and soft after just one time. The smell is awesome too.


I really love the foot scrub, my feet have never been the same, and are crying for more scrub.


I just love the mint foot scrub. It is such an easy and relaxing way to keep your feet smooth and supple with little effort. A mini pedicure right at home, for much less the cost!


Nothing is more relaxing and soothing to tired senior muscles than at the end of the day to sink into a warm bath that turns into a spa experience, thanks to your wonderful Bath Bombs. Aches fade and the skin feels terrific. I am hooked!

I absolutely loved all the stuff I bought from you last month. I gave my mom the grapefruit loofah soap and she loved it too!
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