Spa Sisters

What do you do?
We design and make natural bath & body products, all by hand!

How did this all happen?
We took courses on making handmade spa products years ago and started creating all these fabulously chic bath products from natural ingredients to give away as gifts. Kerri is really into funky gift packaging, and we soon found that people were excited to receive something where the gift inside was as good looking as the gift itself – and it was something good for you. Then we started to get requests…things just took off from there.

What inspires you?
Feeling good…finding the sanctuary amidst the craziness….moms…babies… small victories…you know, life. That and a good soak with a white chocolate mint tub truffle.

Passion Fruit Pear or Citrus Sorbet?
Hmmmm…tough one…depends on the day…

Your secret fantasy:
To be in bed by 9pm!

So what does Spa Sisters stand for?
Yummy spa products that you can feel good about. We use pure and natural, ethically handled ingredients like shea and cocoa butters, jojoba and coconut oils, turbinado sugar, and pure essential oils….and then package it all up oh-so-pretty!

Kinda ironic that your last name is “Foster” then.
We like to think that we were born with lip gloss on….