Spa Parties

Forget the stilettos. Or even leaving the house for that matter. When the girls are clamouring for a get together, why not stage up an evening of gab, relaxation and couture worthy spa products in your fabulous home digs? Just contact us and we’ll be there – spa products in tow – for you and the gals to smell, sample and shop!

And we wouldn’t think of showing up without a little something just for you. Our hip hostesses always receive one of our stylish gift packages ($25 value), plus loads of freebies! Check out what we've got just for say thanks! Open house style or a full out affair, it's your party and we’re so there!

rewards for hosting a party

sales of:
 hostess receives a percentage of the party sales in free spa products of her choice:  plus...hostess receives a stylish gift package  and...hostess enjoys 1/2 price items:
 $250 - $499  10%  $25 value  1 items
 $500 +  15%  $25 value  2 items


    $25 gift package
  $75 in free products (15% of sales)
  $20 in savings (2 ½ priced items assuming each item is $20)
  $10 in products (receive an additional $10 towards products for each party booked as a result of your party*)


So that’s   worth of bath and body products just for hosting! Sweet!

       * credit will be given once the party has taken place
           * party retail sales total excludes hostess' purchases

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